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      G20 countries represent a dynnamic group of leading economies with a diverse set of visions and approaches for sustainable development. Member states come from all continents, produce 85 per cent of global economic output, have two-thirds of the global population, and are undertaking 75 per cent of international trade. The collective impact of this group could drive large-scale transformation in a direction that could lead us to the achievement of all 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

      This think piece from the International Resource Panel summarizes some of the Panel's work, particularly on the status and trends of natural resources in the G20, the economic benefits of resource efficiency, the connections betwen climate and resources, and good practices and strategies that have been successfully implemented to improve resource efficiency.

      What is an IRP think piece?

      An IRP think piece is a technical or policy paper based on IRP scientific studies and assessments and other relevant literature. It is not a full study and assessment but a collection of science-based reflections, which may catalyse the generation of new scientific knowledge and highlight critical topics to be considered in policy discourse.

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