Global Material Flows Database

This large IRP data set presents direct and consumption-based material flow indicators for seven world regions and for more than 185 countries, covering total usage, per capita use, and material use per US dollar.



SCP Hotspot Analysis Tool

This tool provides three modules to analyze hotspot areas of sustainable consumption and production, providing great support to science-based national policy frameworks.


E-Learning Courses

These e-learning courses introduce key concepts of sustainable resource management, including resource efficiency, circularity, corporate environmental management, and many more. They are co-developed by the IRP and its Panel Members.




The glossary includes key terms, concepts and acronyms from all Working Groups and it reflects the scope of work carried out by the IRP.


These IRP videos present key concepts of sustainable management of natural resources, including decoupling, circular economy, sustainable consumption and production, resource efficiency and climate change, land restoration, and many more.