About the International Resource Panel

The International Resource Panel key achievements in 2020? (3:39)




Global Resource Use and Sustainable Consumption and Production

Why natural resource use matters? (3:27) (ES)


Value-Chain Approach for sustainable consumption and production (0:52) (FR)



Introduction to sustainable consumption and production hotspots analysis tool presentation (SCP HAT) (3:11)




Introduction to decoupling (4:42)


Resource Efficiency and Climate Change

How can resource efficiency contribute to the fight against climate change? (3:47)


What is material efficiency and how can it help fight climate change? (1:34)



Circular Economy

Rethinking resources in a circular economy (4:05)


Circularity (2:50)



Redefining Value: The Manufacturing Revolution (1:55)



Dr. Janez Potočnik – Circular Economy & Beyond (25:35)



Minerals and Materials

Mineral resource governance in the 21st Century


Material Zoom - The hidden elements of working from home amidst COVID



Food, Land and Biodiversity

Land restoration for achieving the sustainable development goals (3:07) (ES)


Sustainable use of land and resources for a green recovery (2:46)



The environmental footprint of food loss and waste (1:12) (ES, FR)





Turning biodiversity loss into value through natural resource management (2:45) 



Ocean Governance

Governing coastal resources: Implications for a sustainable blue economy (3:23) (ES, FR)


Plastic pollution: Solutions that can save our ocean (1:17)



Sustainable Cities


How to build sustainable cities? (1:17) (FR)



Water Resources

How to overcome the world water crisis? (1:08)



Resource Efficiency Dictionary

What are Resources? (0:48)



What is Resource Efficiency? (0:42)



What are Planetary Boundaries? (1:07)




What are Footprints? (0:49)



What are Environmental Impacts? (1:06)



What is Decoupling? (0:38)



What is a Circular Economy? (0:49)



What is Dematerialization? (0:41)



What is Material Flow Analysis? (0:43)



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