Lea Kauppi is Secretary General of the Finnish Environment Institute. Her expertise is in agriculture’s impacts on aquatic ecosystems, acidification assessment tools, climate change impacts, and strategic management of multidisciplinary institutes.

Lea Kauppi has extensive expertise in strategic management of multidisciplinary institutes, as well as coordinating and developing international cooperation. She has evaluated several national environmental research programmes as a coordinator or chair of steering groups, assessed international research proposals and programmes, and reviewed the management and performance of research institutions. She was a Lead Author of the IRP’s 2009 report, Assessing Biofuels: towards sustainable production and use of resources. She is also a member of the Working Groups on Water, and Land & Soil.

Dr Kauppi’s thorough knowledge of science policy was gained through her membership of the Research Council for Environmental Research (Academy of Finland) and the Science and Technology Policy Council. She is presently Secretary General of the Finnish Environment Institute and Chair of the Working Group on Monitoring and Assessment of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe’s Convention on Transboundary Rivers, Lakes and Groundwater.

Dr Kauppi’s research focuses on the environmental impacts of agriculture on aquatic ecosystems, development of integrated assessment tools for acidification and the environmental impacts of climate change. She currently serves on the Scientific Advisory Committee of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis. She has served on many panels, including for the European Commission’s Directorate General for Environment. She holds a PhD in limnology from the University of Helsinki, Finland.