Gete Zeleke is a global leader in natural resource management and rural development and adjunct professor at Addis Ababa University. He is expert in soil erosion modelling, hydrology, soil and water management, and land evaluation.

Dr Gete Zeleke holds a PhD in Natural Resources Management specialized on Landscape Transformation and Soil Erosion Modelling at University of Bern, Switzerland; MSc on Soil and Water Management specialized on Land Evaluation at Wagningen University, The Netherlands; and BSc on Agricultural Engineering at Alemaya University, Ethiopia. He has over 20 years of solid professional experience from assignments in natural resources management and rural development in Ethiopia and Sub-Saharan Africa on both research and practical development works.

He has solid experience on leadership in Leading national and international programmes and organizations such as Director of Water and Land Resource Centre (WLRC) in Ethiopia and Leader of the Landscape Transformation Project for Horn of Africa (both are projects of University of Bern); African Coordinator of the Global Mountain Programme (GMP) of the CGIAR; Director General and Director for Natural Resources Management Research of Amhara Regional Agricultural Research Institute (ARARI); and Ethiopia and Head of the Soil and Water Conservation Division at the then Amhara Region Bureau of Natural Resources and Environment Protection, to mention few. He has long term experience from applied research linking development; and validation and application of models on soil erosion, soil fertility, land evaluation and hydrology, targeting improvements in rural livelihoods and development.

He had designed and implemented participatory integrated watershed management projects using a combination of state of the art technologies and communities experience knowledge, demand and aspirations and he has also a special skill and commitment in training professionals on participatory integrated watershed management including PhD and MSc students at research links social theory, social metabolism and public policy to explore pathways for sustainable consumption and production and green economy based on measuring and modelling sustainability, and policy analysis. (as Adj. Professor). He has been involved and contributed in a number of national and international consultancy assignments and conferences.