Eeva Primmer is research director and professor in environmental policy at the Finnish Environment Institute. Her research interest is in the governance of nature, ecosystem services and natural resources.

Eeva Primmer is a Research Director and  Professor of environmental policy at the Finnish Environment Institute, SYKE. She is  also an Adjunct Professor (Docent) in Environmental Policy at the University of Helsinki, and a Mercator Professor at the University of Freiburg, associated with the project Conservation of Forest Biodiversity in Multiple Use Landscapes of Central Europe, ConFoBi.

She is an Associate Editor at the Elsevier journal Ecosystem Services and has been an expert member of the Policy Support Tools and Methodologies and review editor of the Europe and Central Asia Assessment Chapter 6 Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES). She is a member of the Finnish Forest Council.

Professor Primmer's interest lies in how institutions, networks of public and private actors as well as constant, and sometimes abrupt, environmental change shape policy and management at different governance levels. She strives to explain patterns of human and organizational behavior and provide ideas and advice on pragmatic conservation and management problems.

She has worked on projects ranging from short evaluations to multi-year large collaborations, financed by the Academy of Finland, Finnish ministries, and the European Union. Her research has been published in academic peer-refreed journals, monographs and conference proceedings.


-Governance of ecosystem services, multi-level governance and policy instruments

-Forest and environmental policy institutions, policy implementation, organizational adaptation and innovations

-Integrated conservation and use of natural resources

-Bioenergy and renewable energy policy analysis

-Analysis of organizational capabilities and resources as well as organizational networks

-Analysis of formal and informal norms and professional judgment

-Combining qualitative and quantitative analysis in environmental policy evaluations