Anna Siriban-Manalang is Director of the Center for Lean Systems at De La Salle University, where she is also Research and Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering. She has 20 years of experience as trainer, professor, researcher and consultant.

Anna Siriban-Manalang is Director of the Centre for Lean Systems of De La Salle University, in the Philippines, and Research and Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering within the university’s College Of Engineering. An experienced trainer, professor, community organizer, researcher and consultant, Ms Siriban-Manalang has a track record of more than 20 years in the industry.

She has worked as a consultant on issues of quality, systems improvement, standardization, strategic planning and implementation, performance measurement and monitoring within the following industries and sectors: metal, furniture, houseware, printing, electronics, cement, mining, healthcare, advertising, insurance, military and academia. She is a member of the IRP’s Decoupling, Water and Land Use Working Groups and contributed to the report Decoupling the use of natural resources and environmental impacts from economic activity: Scoping the challenges.

She spent five years designing and executing training programmes aimed at building capability of government staff at national, regional and local levels. These projects, funded by AusAID, the Asian Development Bank, Japan International Cooperation Authority, Canadian International Development Agency and the World Bank, involved formulating and implementing quality management programmes, conducting feasibility studies, plus monitoring and evaluation.

Ms Siriban-Manalang is author of Total Quality Management Assessment Model for Manufacturing Companies: An Exploratory Model for Large Philippine Manufacturing Companies, and has contributed to several journals including Resource Efficiency: Economics and Outlook for Asia Pacific, Philippine Journal of Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering and Philippine Industrial Engineering Journal.