Webinar title: System Change Compass X Global Resources Outlook 

Webinar time: 25 January 2022, 13:00-14:30 CET

In this webinar of the International Resource Panel (IRP) and SYSTEMIQ, IRP Co-Chair Janez Potočnik will share his vision on the systemic change needed for sustainable development and will discuss with International Resource Panel member Professor Paul Ekins on its implications for the IRP’s future studies.  

In the webinar, Janez Potočnik  will give a presentation explaining the vision and narrative of his recent report “System Change Compass”, and Panel Member Paul Ekins will reflect on how the novel framework is being taken forward by the next IRP flagship report, Global Resources Outlook, scheduled to be launched in 2023.  

The System Change Compass redefines 21st Century prosperity by building a framework based on the systems delivering society’s essential needs (nutrition, housing, mobility and essential consumer goods). Focusing on delivery of human needs, rather than on ever-increasing consumption for its own sake, can drive transformation to a resilient resource-efficient economy where well-being decoupling is a reality.  

Global Resources Outlook 2023 will build on this approach: assessing systems delivering societal needs and their associated environmental impacts and envisaging resource-efficient futures where resource use is decoupled from human well-being.  




Find the System Change Compass report here 

Find the IRP Global Resources Outlook 2019 here