The SDG 12 Hub is a new tool to support Member States in the achievement of SDG 12.  It is the central location for accessing official government reporting against SDG 12 indicators and includes all information needed for the official monitoring and reporting. 

The Hub consolidates and visualizes the results of national reporting on SDG 12 indicators, making these publicly available, allowing Member States to browse progress on SDG 12 by country or by individual targets at a global and regional level. The UN custodian agencies of SDG 12 have developed The SDG 12 Hub as part of a broader inter-agency collaboration to streamline methodologies and processes. Through this collaboration the custodian agencies are making SDG 12 and SCP accessible and transparent to governments and others, in terms of measuring progress on the SDGs, nationally tracking SCP progress, and accessing solutions to deliver on the 2030 Agenda. 

The event presented the SDG 12 Hub as a key tool for making progress on SDG 12 transparent and accessible; promoting the implementation of SDG 12 through existing communities of practice; and informing voluntary national reviews, international programming, and national policy processes. The months of July-August will act as a live user-testing phase where direct interactions with key stakeholders will serve as the basis for further improvements to the Hub in 2021-2022.  



Speakers' quotes




"We should use natural resources smarter, making them fundamentally more efficient in how they provide societal functions and make sure we have both production and consumption solutions underpinned by strong data."

"We need to connect sustainable consumption and production performance indicators to social well-being and to specific needs, not just GDP."

  Janez Potočnik, Co-Chair,​ International Resource Panel






"Only 40% of the environmental-related SDGs have measurable data. SDG12 is the third most data-poor Goal in terms of monitoring and measuring progress. The insights from the Hub really help progress on this!"

 David Jensen, Digital Transformation,​ UNEP






"We see the SDG 12 Hub as the first step in the direction of achieving SDG 12 and other SDGs. It is not just about the data but also about the interactive tools available so that countries and different stakeholders can see what others have done and draw on best practices."

 Sheila Aggarwal-Khan, Director of the Economy Division,​ UNEP






"When looking at global trends, I see a positive trend - there is a big increase in companies that are reporting on sustainability".

 Richard Bolwijn, Head of Investment Research Branch,​ UNCTAD






"SDG12 on Sustainable Consumption and Production is an enabler of the whole Sustainable Development Goals agenda. Therefore, the new SDG 12 Hub is an important initiative in strengthening collaboration on all SDGs and ​enhancing SCP action across countries".

— Charles Arden-Clarke, Head of Secretariat,​ 10YFP






"There is a challenge to find the right indicators to measure progress in the country".

"We need robust data, and most importantly, we need data that is applicable in political decision-making".​​

"We need well-established governance for sustainable development where we can discuss in a broad-based dialogue between statisticians, politicians, the private sector, etc. on how to best use these indicators".​​

— Annika Lindblom, Director for International Affairs,​ Ministry of the Environment,​ Finland



"SDG12 on Sustainable Consumption and Production involves consumers and producers as well as the government, and so the SDG12 Hub creates a platform that can include all parties to interact and build capacity". 

— Karen Lizeth ​Chavez Quintero, Director's Advisor, National Administrative​, Department of Statistics of Colombia


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