In a region with 70 million people living under extreme poverty, the tremendous natural wealth of Latin America and the Caribbean represents a competitive advantage that could enable much needed sustained economic growth if used in a sustainable and equitable manner.

With 6 out of 17 biologically mega-diverse countries, 13 out of the 15 largest mineral producers in the world, incredibly rich mineral and energy resource endowments (e.g. 65% of global reserves of lithium, 42% of silver, 38% of copper, 21% of iron) and 30% of the global renewable reserves of water; sustainable resource management becomes an imperative for a new paradigm of development in pursuit of economic prosperity, social equality and environmental sustainability.

Experts from the International Resource Panel will exchange knowledge and ideas with participants, who are expected to share their views and experience with regard to resource efficiency and sustainable management of natural resources. 

This high-level dialogue is organized by the International Resource Panel. UN Environment, and the Ministry of Environment of Peru.