Migration and Natural Resources: A Complex Adaptive System

Open Eyes Economy Summit


Panel Member,  Professor Saleem H. Ali will present recent IRP report, “Human Migration and Natural Resources: Global assessment of an adaptive complex system” in International Governance plenary session at Open Eyes Economy Summit.

Professor Saleem H. Ali will attend the session virtually via Zoom. 


About the Open Eyes Economy Summit : 

The International Congress of the Economics of Values ​​Open Eyes Economy Summit is a unique event in this part of the world - it is a unique economic congress which proves that business and the economy not only can, but should be based on social values. What distinguishes the summit is its own, unique Open Eyes philosophy, which states that it is necessary to build a responsible civil society that also requires responsibility from business and administration. 

It illustrates the real benefits for people and the environment that come from focusing on sustainable development, addressing social needs, implementing changes and introducing innovations.

The main theme of the Open Eyes Economy Summit 2023 will be social energy . In the era of polycrisis, this is a topic that becomes particularly important.


About Panel Member Professor Saleem H. Ali : 


Saleem H. Ali is Chair of the Department of Geography and Spatial Sciences and the Blue & Gold Distinguished Professor of Energy and the Environment at the University of Delaware (USA). He was appointed by UN Secretary General as a member of Advisory board of Eminent Persons on Zero Waste.

Prof. Ali previously served as chair in Sustainable Resource Development and professor of sustainability science and policy at University of Queensland (Australia) and was founding director of the Institute for Environmental Diplomacy and Security at the University of Vermont (USA). He has previously held appointments at The Brookings Institution, The Watson Institute for International Studies, and the United Nations mandated University for Peace (Costa Rica).

Prof. Ali's primary research interests have been in the causes and consequences of environmental conflicts in the mineral sector, and the process of using ecological factors to promote peace.

Before embarking on an academic career, Prof. Ali worked as an environmental health and safety professional at General Electric Corporation.

His laurels include being a National Geographic Explorer, with field experience in more than 160 countries; being selected as a “Young Global Leader” by the World Economic Forum and serving on the boards of notable non-profit charitable organizations including RESOLVE, Adventure Scientists and Mediators Beyond Borders International.

Prof. Ali received his doctorate in Environmental Planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), an M.E.S. in environmental law and policy from Yale University, and his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (summa cum laude) from Tufts University. 

Dr. Ali is a citizen of the United States of America by birth; Pakistan by parental lineage; and Australian by naturalization.


Dr. Ali's books include Soil to Foil: Aluminum and the Quest for Industrial Sustainability (Columbia University Press) Earthly Order: How Natural Laws Define Human Life (Oxford Univ. Press) and Treasures of the Earth: Need, Greed and a Sustainable Future (Yale Univ. .Press).