International Resource Panel Co-Chair and former Brazilian Minister of Environment, Ms. Izabella Teixeira, delivered a speech at the informal preparatory session of the Third meeting of the Convention on Biological Diversity’s Subsidiary Body on Implementation (SBI-3). During the session, held on the 8th of March, Izabella Teixeira has stressed the importance of women's leadership in the achievement of the Convention on Biological Diversity, the opportunities for a new future in the context of the COVID-19 crisis and the key role of resource management as the link between sustainable and inclusive prosperity and the survival/protection of the natural world.

During SBI-3 the following agenda items were discussed:

  • Assessment and review of the effectiveness of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety

  • Post-2020 global biodiversity framework

  • Resource mobilization and the financial mechanism

  • Capacity-building, technical and scientific cooperation, technology transfer, knowledge management, and communication

  • Cooperation with other conventions, international organizations and initiatives

  • Mechanisms for reporting, assessment and review of implementation

  • Review of the effectiveness of the processes under the Convention and its protocols

  • Mainstreaming of biodiversity within and across sectors and other strategic actions to enhance implementation

  • Specialized international access and benefit-sharing instruments in the context of Article 4, paragraph 4, of the Nagoya Protocol

  • Global multilateral benefit-sharing mechanism (Article 10 of the Nagoya Protocol)

  • Administrative and budgetary matters

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