The 29th Meeting of the International Resource Panel (IRP) took place in Paris, France, from 17 to 21 October 2022.   

At the first in-person IRP Meeting since 2019, 80 participants, including scientists, government representatives, and strategic partners from all over the world, came together to advance the IRP’s 2022-2025 programme of work and filled the past week with fruitful conversations around the sustainable use and management of resources for effective action on climate change, biodiversity, pollution, well-being, and equity. Enabling just transitions, enhancing resource efficiency, addressing sufficiency, and promoting the circular economy were some of the key themes discussed at the meeting.  

Considerable attention was drawn to the 2024 launch of the IRP Flagship Report, the Global Resources Outlook (GRO). The GRO 2024 will deliver assessments and proposals for action on a just transition towards sustainable resource use, adopting a provisioning systems perspective and placing a focus on circular futures, sufficiency, and equity. Contributions by UNDP encouraged the Panel to incorporate the concept of well-being more consistently into IRP research and into the GRO24 in particular. It was further agreed that regionalization approaches will be included in the GRO24, following the Steering Committee’s expression of support for the contextualization of IRP findings into tangible recommendations at the regional level. 

Throughout the meeting, several partners suggested ideas for enhancing synergies with the IRP: UNDP called for a strengthened collaboration in the field of human development, while GO4SDGs expressed interest in supporting forthcoming regionalized IRP products. Both the OECD and the UNEP Ad-Hoc Global Assessment Dialogue (AGAD) outlined potential avenues for future partnerships regarding metrics and data-related work. Furthermore, the One Planet Network/10YFP actively participated in our meeting and emphasized the opportunity to collaborate with the IRP on digitalization and sustainable lifestyle issues.  

A key moment of last week’s meeting was the IRP’s 15th anniversary celebration. The IRP thanks UNEP’s Executive Director Inger Andersen, Head of the IRP Secretariat Merlyn Van Voore, IRP Co-Chairs Janez Potočnik, Izabella Teixeira, Astrid Schomaker and Steven Stone, the French Ministry for the Ecological Transition, 10YFP Board Member Ambassador Giovanna Valverde Stark, and Pavel Misiga from the European Commission for their stimulating and encouraging speeches that made this celebration so joyful and memorable.  

We thank our Panel members, the IRP Steering Committee, all Strategic Partners, and observers for contributing to an inspiring and successful 29th IRP Meeting and look forward to next year!