The International Resource Panel Secretariat is hosted by the United Nations Environment Programme. It is located in Paris, France.

It coordinates administrative and operational functions of the IRP. This work includes organizing meetings, inviting new members, preparing proposals for strategic direction and work plans, supporting Working Groups and the Resource Panel Co-Chairs, organizing internal and external peer reviews for each assessment report as well as editing and publication, and conducting communication and dissemination activities. The Secretariat enables the International Resource Panel and Steering Committee to fulfill their roles efficiently and ensure that the objectives of the Panel are met.

Secretariat roles and responsibilities


Merlyn Van Voore
Head, IRP Secretariat

Merlyn heads the secretariat of the International Resource Panel. She supervises the overall direction and operation of the Panel’s assessments and outreach.

Hala Razian 
Programme Management Officer

Hala coordinates the IRP’s flagship report, the Global Resources Outlook. She also coordinates research related to Resource Efficiency and Climate Change, as well as research on Biodiversity; Natural Resource, Human Health and Wellbeing; Trade and Transboundary Resource Use; and Business Model, Digital & Other Technological Innovations for sustainability transitions. She is the focal point for the IRP Strategic Programme of Work and supports the operations of the IRP Steering Committee.




Ainhoa Carpintero Rogero
Associate Programme Management Officer

Ainhoa coordinates the work streams on Scenario Modelling, Circular Economy on the Consumer Electronic Goods, Resources and Finance, and Science-Based Targets. She also coordinates the work on Natural Resources Use in West Africa and works on the dissemination of the IRP findings on Marine Resources, Marine Plastic Litter and Sustainable Cities. She coordinates IRP meetings.




Christina Bodouroglou
Associate Programme Management Officer

Christina coordinates the work streams on Trade in Resources, and Zero-Carbon Urban Transitions. She also supports the work stream on Resources and Finance. She is responsible for communication activities. Christina provide substantive support to the organization of IRP meetings and events. 



Nancy Mungai
Administrative Assistant

Nancy manages travel, follow-up for payments of DSA for meeting participants, Grantor Program in UMOJA II for Implementing Partners and the payments for SSFAs as well as other administrative issues.


Victor IRP Secretariat


Victor Valido
Project Manager

Victor coordinates the work streams on Material Flow Analysis, on Sustainability Transitions and on Socioeconomic Implications of Resource Efficiency. He also covers Panel membership, budget management and project reporting.



Vira Khoroshavina
Project and Partnership Expert

Vira manages Steering Committee membership, communication with the IRP Strategic Partners and UNEP Regional Offices. She coordinates the Migration workstream and a GIZ project on promotion of Resource Efficiency. She also ensures the mobilization of sustainable funding base and contributes to the strengthening of IRP visibility within the donor community and business.


Catharina Gentzke

Catharina works across the Secretariat, assisting with a range of programmatic, communications and research tasks.


Idil Kutlu

Idil works part-time supporting the Secretariat on different tasks, including communications, research and ad hoc administrative support.